I just finished reading "Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale," by Jeff Baron (Greenwillow Books). It's about a 13-year-old boy named Sean who is writing a screenplay. He has a great idea to write a screenplay called "A Week With Your Grandparents," but the problem is that two movie companies want to make his movie. They have a bidding war. Since Sean's parents do not know about his screenplay, he has a lot of pressure on him, plus he has to go to school, continue with his podcasts and do his homework like any other kid.

And that's not all: His gym coach asks him to be on the track team and his next-door neighbors ask him to take care of their dog, Baxter.

To make matters worse, he thinks there is a man named Hank Hollywood who is trying to steal his idea. That's a lot for a kid to handle.

Can Sean do it or will he fail to bring his new idea to life? Find out in "Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale."

I really liked this book. It was so interesting that I could barely put it down. I recommend it to everybody. Rating: 4.5 smiles