"The A to Z of Children's Health," a parent's guide...

"The A to Z of Children's Health," a parent's guide from birth to 10 years, was written by Dr. Jeremy Friedman, Dr. Natasha Saunders and Dr. Norman Saunders; pediatric experts at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Credit: Handout

When it comes to your child, does the first sign of a cough, sniffle or bruise send you straight to the Web to search for a cure or diagnosis? Tons of parents are guilty of it, but the truth is, the Internet can be overwhelming and full of medical mistruths.

“The A to Z of Children’s Health,” a new guide to pediatric wellness from birth to age 10, is a great alternative.

The informative book takes the Google guesswork out of everyday kid ailments by providing parents with a guide to recognizing them, treating them and knowing when to seek help from a doctor.

The book, written by three pediatric experts at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, is organized alphabetically and allows worried moms and dads to quickly look up info on everything from allergies and congestion, to teething pain and rashes.

The guide also includes lots of photos and illustrations, and isn’t jammed with medical terms, making it easy to understand.

Nothing can take the place of advice from your child's pediatrician, but as a quick reference, this guide definitely deserves a spot on your bookshelf.

“The A to Z of Children’s Health” is available now on Amazon.

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