Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and Eli Manning share the cover...

Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and Eli Manning share the cover of The World Almanac for Kids 2013, filled with facts and trivia about the release of "The Hunger Games" film, the U.S. debut of boy band One Direction and pop icon Justin Bieber. For ages 8 and older; $13.99. Credit: Handout

The just-out "World Almanac for Kids 2013" ($13.99) might take the entire year for your child to absorb, and what a worthwhile pastime that would be.

The 336-page book is dizzyingly packed with new information on everything from the latest fashion (geek chic is in, as are platform sneakers and environmentally friendly clothing) to immigration statistics (the largest number of newcomers to the United States come from Mexico, then India and the Philippines) to space news (MAVEN, or Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, is the next project for the red planet).

Recommended for children 8 and up, the book absorbed my fact-hungry reader, who particularly enjoyed a timeline for life on Earth, a section explaining all the holidays by month and a digest on all the nations in the world.