Kidsday reporters from Daniel Street Elementary School in Lindenhurst in...

Kidsday reporters from Daniel Street Elementary School in Lindenhurst in the Foam Pit at Bounce Trampoline Sports in Syosset. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We were invited to check out Bounce Trampoline Sports in Syosset. It has an obstacle course, but it was in the air. We had harnesses that hooked onto a really strong rope. Some of us were too terrified to do that, but that is not a big deal because there is so much to do. Here are some of our favorite parts:

Adventure Zone with Sky Trail, Sky Rail and zip line: This is no ordinary obstacle course; it is way high up in the air! One of the staff puts safety harnesses on our bodies so we wouldn’t get hurt. When some of us got up that high, we were scared initially, but when we got moving, we were fine. At one turn, there were wood steps we had to cross, while holding on to dangling ropes above. Another scary one had metal bars in our way, so we had to climb around them. When you navigate all of the different paths, you get to the zip line. We were nervous to jump off the platform, but once we finally did, we felt like we were flying!

Dodgeball: This was a favorite area for many of us. We fired balls at each other and tried to dodge all the balls. We got to jump around and hit our classmates with foam balls to get them out in the dodgeball game. One of the games we played in dodgeball was the boys versus the two parents.

Foam Pit: All the boys were playing dodgeball, so some of the girls decided to go to the foam pit. When some of us jumped in, we felt like we were stuck at first. We had to make adjustments to get used to this.

Ninja Pit: In the Ninja Pit we had to go on a climbing net and climb to reach the monkey bars. As we climbed the monkey bars, they tilted to the other side. On the other side of the obstacle course there were ropes and there were little foam square blocks that we had to climb on. At the end we had to jump off and either go do it again or go do something else. 

Rock walls: There were many different rock walls at Bounce. They were very hard to climb. One of the most popular walls has a timer on it, and we had to get to the top as fast as we could! Even though they were hard, we think the rock walls were perfect for kids our age.

We had a lot of fun at Bounce. It was roomy and it had a lot of different things to play with. We wanted to stay there forever and were sad when we had to leave. They had a place to get food with pizza, French fries, nachos, hot dogs and slushes. They have birthday parties there too. They also have classes for kids and even adults.

Info: 310 Michael Dr., Syosset,

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

Michelle Perino’s fourth-grade class, Daniel Street School, Lindenhurst

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