Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

Do you want braces? We don’t, but we’re getting them. We really want Invisalign instead. The plastic aligners help your teeth get straight just like braces, but they’re clear. They’re just like a retainer. We think we can’t get them because we are young, but if your parents or people who are old enough don’t want braces, you should recommend this to them.

It takes six weeks to make them. The orthodontist takes pictures of your teeth, and you get trays of clear, removable retainers the same way your teeth are. As you wear them, your teeth move little by little and week by week until your teeth are straight. Unlike braces, you can remove them and eat whatever you want. Invisalign was so popular for teenagers that Invisalign Teen was made just for them.

They are easy to use. There are no eating restrictions during the treatment. Invisalign can hurt a little. Regular braces hurt more because you have to get them tightened sometimes.

In conclusion, we think Invisalign is a good choice for some people. If you are older, it is probably a better idea to get Invisalign.

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