Do you want a vacation that's fun in the summer and fun in the winter? I know a place you would love to go -- Bromley Mountain, which is in Peru, Vermont.

In the winter, you can take the ski lifts up and down the mountain. It is so awesome there, and can be very cold, especially at the top of the mountain, but there are so many trails for skiing and snowboarding. So, remember your hat, scarf and gloves. If you ever get too cold, you could hang out in the lodge. There, you can have food and sit by a nice cozy fireplace.

With the summer just around the corner, it is time to plan your adventure. Bromley Mountain is known for the alpine slides, which are long slides that go down the mountain. You can take the ski lifts up and ride down the mountain on a snowless sled. In addition, there are trampolines, a water slide and an aerial adventure park. Most importantly, remember your suntan lotion and hat.

There are so many fun and exciting things to enjoy in every season of the year. So, pack a bag or two and enjoy Bromley Mountain as a great vacation spot for you and the family!

See for yourself, go online to: Or call 802-824-5522. It is about a four-hour drive, but it is worth it any time of the year.