Kidsday reporter Haily Fass, of Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville,  at...

Kidsday reporter Haily Fass, of Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville,  at Indian Lake in upstate New York. Credit: Krista Fass

Have you ever gone on vacation? The best vacation I’ve ever had was going camping in the Adirondack Mountains.

When you get to the campsite, the only way to get there is by boat, and you have to find the number of your site. At the site, they give you only a picnic table, nothing else! If anyone ever plans on going camping here, I would recommend bringing a grill that runs on gas.

There are a lot of bugs and mosquitoes, so you will need bug spray. On Indian Lake, which is in northern New York State where my family and I stayed, it was very quiet because each campsite was about a mile apart from each other. We had to take a pontoon boat to get to our site. 

While I was on the trip, we did things like go fishing on the boat whenever we wanted, and it was really fun driving the boat because the lake was always empty and we could explore. At night, I got to sleep in a huge tent where you could hear all the animals and bugs outside, which was exciting. My favorite part of camping was when we went to go look for wood and we saw deer and wild mushrooms growing on a tree branch.

This campsite would be good only for people who love the outdoors. It had no running water, bathrooms, shelter or sink to clean dishes, so my mom had to clean them in the lake water. Being on this trip made me appreciate what I have, because at the campsite I didn’t have a warm bed or any of my things. I would love to go back and go camping because I love being outdoors and learning new things.

Kerry Abernethy’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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