Did you ever notice that when your mom picks you up from a friend's house, your mom and your friend's mom spend a lot of time talking to each other? You are thinking to yourself, "Can't we just go home?" But no! They just keep talking!

Or how about when you go to baseball practice and the dads stand around talking to one another and then after your dad drops you off at home, he goes out to meet the baseball dads to hang out?

Well, that happens a lot to me. It got me wondering: Can our parents make friends on their own? Or do they just become friends with our friends' parents? I asked kids in my class. Out of all the kids I asked, about half said their parents were friends with one of their friend's parents.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that your parents are friends with your friend's parents? I only see good things about it. One good thing is that you get to hang out with your friends a lot. Sometimes you even get to go on vacations with your friends! Last summer my family went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with the family of my brother's friends. It was a great because there was someone to hang around with that was my age.