Credit: Kidsday illustration / Lucas Winn, North Babylon

I like to help my dad when he coaches a wrestling team in town. Practices begin at 6 a.m. We like to get to the gym by 5:45 to get everything ready. When the wrestlers arrive, we go through warmups such as jogging, stretching and some other exercises that get the wrestlers loosened up.

My job comes in when my dad explains a move to the wrestlers, and then I demonstrate that move. For example, I have to show them how to do a double leg takedown. To do that, first you have to drop to one knee. Then you switch your legs from one side to the other while sliding forward. After you drop to your knee, you have to drive through your opponent to take him down. It sounds complicated, but once they see me do it, it makes sense, and then we practice it until we get it right.

All of this is fun for the younger kids I work with, but they really like it when practice is almost over and we play dodgeball or king of the hill.


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