I collect sports cards because it is cool to see what players are or were in the major leagues. Another reason I collect cards is that, in a few years, some of these cards might be worth a lot of money.

I started collecting cards in kindergarten, because that is when many of the kids in my grade started to get interested in sports cards. I bought my first cards at Modell's in a pack containing around 20 cards. I thought they were the best cards ever, but now I have so many better cards.

My three favorites are my Derek Jeter, Victor Cruz and Wayne Gretzky cards. Derek Jeter is one of my favorite players and Victor Cruz is another one of my favorites because I got to meet him and he autographed my card for me. My Wayne Gretzky card is also one of my favorites because he is considered the best hockey player of all time.

My card collection is getting pretty big. I now have at least 300 cards. A great place to buy sports cards and other sports memorabilia is Steiner Sports, a memorabilia store in the Roosevelt Field mall. The store sells all things sports-

related. Lots of times athletes come in to sign autographs there.

I met the manager and assistant manager, who told me some of the athletes who have visited the store arePeyton and Eli Manning, Magic Johnson, Walt Frazier, Mariano Rivera, Matt Harvey, Henrik Lundqvist and Sugar Ray Leonard.

The managers also showed me some of the sports memorabilia they sell, like autographed basketballs, pucks, baseballs, footballs and football helmets. They also sell autographed pictures, baseball bats and even hockey sticks.

If you want to get an athlete's autograph in person, they advise you to pre-order a ticket. You can either buy the item you want the player to sign or bring your own. For more, visit steinersports.com or call 800-759-SCOR.

I hope you consider how collecting cards can be both fun and profitable.


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