Kidsday reporter Marissa Di Vita, from St. Mary School in...

Kidsday reporter Marissa Di Vita, from St. Mary School in East Islip, with her collection of shot glasses and snow globes. Credit: Di Vita family

Do you have any cool collections? I do. I collect snow globes and shot glasses from many different places.

I have four shot glasses. I have one from Montreal, which my father bought for me while on a business trip; a pink one from Florida that has a palm tree on it; one from Las Vegas with all of the hotels and attractions on it (don’t forget the famous ‘’Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign); and I have another one from Florida that’s red and has a tiki design on it. I got them all when I was very young, and I liked them because they looked like little drinking glasses.

I have 11 snow globes. I have one from Atlantic City that has a little chick on top and lights up; one from Deerfield Beach, Florida, that has dolphins in it; one of the Lincoln Memorial depicting cherry blossom trees in Washington, D.C.; one of a teddy bear with a heart that my parents got me for Valentine’s Day one year; one from Atlanta that my father got on a business trip; one of me and my mother on this joyous ride at a local amusement park; one from Las Vegas that has a hot pink base (it basically looks like the shot glass); one that my father got for me in Toronto on a business trip; one that my mother got me with Ariel and Flounder from “The Little Mermaid” in it; one from New York City with the skyline in it; and one from London that I got on vacation, which has all of the famous London landmarks in it like Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and the London Eye! How neat is that?

I collect these things because it’s fun. I love traveling and having a great souvenir to bring home each time I go away. When I look at them, they remind me of when I was there or when I got them.

Marytheresa Donohue’s seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip

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