Kidsday reporters Maya Richards, left, Jalissah Louis, Sean Boehmann and...

Kidsday reporters Maya Richards, left, Jalissah Louis, Sean Boehmann and Ethan Schmutz, of Canaan Elementary School in Patchogue, at ComedySportz in Manhattan. Credit: Jennifer Hempfling

We experienced ComedySportz at the Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan recently, and it was a night we will never forget. They describe themselves as improv comedy played as a sport. The comedy club was smaller than we expected, seating maybe 50 people max. However, the smallness created a more personal experience. The show was a family-friendly competition between two comedy teams. They even had a referee with a whistle.

We sat right in front and were called on numerous times for audience participation. The comedy teams played challenging games with audience input for improv skits that had us laughing hysterically and even snorting out loud, which they made fun of. Maya was chosen to go onstage and tell about her whole day from the moment she woke up until we arrived at ComedySportz. One of the teams then had to act out her day. We can’t remember a time we laughed so hard. Jalissah and Sean also were chosen to participate in a game on stage called, “Waiter, there is a _____ in my soup.” The audience called out various items for Sean and Jalissah to say was in their soup and the comedians had to make puns — very funny!

When the winning team of the games was announced, the comedians celebrated in slow motion. It was so silly. The show was more than an hour long but we wished it was longer because we really enjoyed ourselves. As we left the building, the comedians high-fived us and cheered. If you are looking for something fun to do with your family, this is a place we highly recommend.

Info: 318 W. 53rd St., Manhattan, 646-580-0291,  Jennifer Hempfling’s fifth-grade class, Canaan Elementary School, Patchogue

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