Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa

There are many ways to help out around your community. It can be as simple as walking your neighbor’s dog. But the real value of helping isn’t only that it gives you something to do, it also makes others feel good. One way you can help around your community is by raising money for those in need or for a disease or concept you care about.

Another way you can help is by volunteering as a tutor or by looking for a job you can do that can help someone else. Remember: This is supposed to be fun and helpful. Another way you can help out is to donate. You can donate your old clothes or toys you don’t want anymore. It is very important to remember those who don’t have as much as you do.

You can also help by getting a baby-sitting job. Not only is it fun but you’re also doing someone a huge favor by taking care of their kids. Finally, you can help out by picking up trash. I know this sounds gross, but it is very important that you throw your garbage into trash bins. You’ll be doing a favor to yourself and the planet.


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