Have you ever wanted to get a cat or dog, but didn't know if you should buy one or adopt one? Adopt one! There is a cute dog or cat that has your name written all over it!

ADOPT A CAT The North Shore Animal League America (animalleague.org) in Port Washington is just one place you can check out. They have a wide variety of cats and kittens in all ages, shapes and sizes looking for new, loving homes. North Shore has hundreds of cats and kittens available for adoption every week. Cats can be a perfect choice for just about every household, as they are extremely low maintenance and perfect for active, busy people. Studies have shown that owning a cat can decrease your blood pressure and make you a healthier person.

ADOPT A DOG Looking to adopt a dog or puppy? The North Shore Animal League always has a wide variety looking for loving homes, including purebred and mixed-breed dogs and puppies in all shapes and sizes. Owning a dog or puppy can decrease your blood pressure, and your cholesterol.

HOW YOU CAN HELP One way you can help the shelters is to adopt, but if you can't, another way is to volunteer. If you can, volunteer at least four hours a week for a year. Some of the positions are from bottle feeding motherless kittens to answering phones and offering foster care for special needs animals.

TO BE A VOLUNTEER For the Animal League, it takes committing to at least four hours a week for a year, attending training classes, and fully supporting the organization's polices and philosophies. All it takes to get started is an application, an interview and basic orientation classes. The North Shore Animal League accepts anyone 16 or older to help out. You should adopt a cat or dog, they are so playful you will not regret it.