Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Jean Yoo, Jericho

It happens to all of us. You sit down to write, and you just can’t get started. It could be writer’s block.

When you have writer’s block, you can use writing prompts to get you started. With these writing prompts, you figure out how the actions are done. You also tell the reader where your characters are. Remember these are just general prompts, and you can write from there.

  • One day your insane grandmother dies, and you inherit her house. You live comfortably in her house until you find a ghost. What now? Who is the ghost? Why is the ghost brave enough to talk to you?
  • You have a secret and everybody must know it. But if they know the secret, they could get sick! What is the secret, and how will you tell them?
  • You are created by an anonymous person and put away for years. The years go by, and you become damaged. How are you damaged, and does it affect you in later life? Someone fixes or heals you and teaches you the modern ways of life. What do they teach you? Meanwhile, there is an enemy trying to destroy the planet. Only you can stop them. How will you stop them?
  • On the computer, you are in a chat room. Another person in the chat room doesn’t say anything but just watches the conversation. What happens next? Why are they observing? What do they want? Are they human?
  • You end up in the afterworld. There’s something wrong with the afterworld. What is the problem? How will you fix it? Explain how things work in the afterworld and why. How do you end up in the afterworld? Is it really called the afterworld? Who do you meet to help you fix it?

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