Kidsday reporter Hailey Morgan of Eastport Elementary School and her...

Kidsday reporter Hailey Morgan of Eastport Elementary School and her younger sister, Madison, reviewed Cry Babies dolls. Credit: Morgan family

If you are looking for a good toy for small children, I have the perfect thing for you. I asked my sister, Madison, to play with these toys and give me a review. Here is what she said.

One of the first things she said is that they were very cute, also because of the way they were packaged. She also said she liked the way they were dressed. They are wearing animal costumes, and she liked the accessories they came with. They come with a binky, chair, bottle and a bib.

There wasn't much that she disliked. But the thing she did dislike was that the clothes were painted on, meaning that she couldn't swap the clothes with the other doll. And they can sit in the chair that they came with. In the packaging you can't really tell the chair is there. You need to open it to find it.

When you put the doll in the chair, it doesn’t fall over like some dolls do. To make the baby cry, you need to fill it with water. Then you squeeze the head to make the water come out of the eyes. 

George Marino's sixth-grade class, Eastport Elementary School