Aoife Hogan, of Port Jefferson Middle School, tested the Cube...

Aoife Hogan, of Port Jefferson Middle School, tested the Cube Tracker, which uses Bluetooth to show its location. Credit: Donal Hogan

I was given a Cube Tracker to test. It can help track phones, keys, wallets and anything else you put it on or in.

The kit includes the Cube, a key ring, battery, battery removal tool and instructions. It was easy to set up and use. The battery comes already inside the Cube, but to use the Cube you have to get the free app. After you download the app, you make an account and connect with the Cube via Bluetooth. 

I tested the Cube in a few ways. First I had to make sure that it actually worked. (It did.) Then I tested how far I could go away from it and have it still work. I left the Cube right next to my front door and walked away. I made it down to the end of my lawn before my phone said it was disconnected. I pressed the “Find” button in the app and it worked.

Then I walked down to the end of my lawn, pressed the button and it once again worked. It let me go to the other side of the street, but no farther. I also tested the map on the app, which shows where you are and where the Cube was last spotted. If the Cube is moved when it is out of Bluetooth range, the movement doesn't show on the app.

It works well if you are at your house and need your keys or can’t remember where your phone is, but in public it wouldn’t work that well because you would probably be out of range, and it would be awkward to have a loud ringing noise in a place full of people. The map is really useful, however, and will definitely help find your Cube and property, or at least narrow down where they could be.

Rating: 3 smiles out of 5

Nancy Bachety's sixth-grade class, Port Jefferson Middle School


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