Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci of Sayville

Teamwork is super important when you’re involved in dancing. Working together is the best option in order to achieve your goal.

Although a dancer must individually develop and display unique movement, they also must learn to work with their fellow dancers. I think a team can accomplish much more than a single person could ever achieve on his or her own. During a dance performance, a team’s task is to connect with the dancers with whom we share a stage to improve the performance.

Large numbers of dancers moving together perfectly in sync create a marvelous effect. Teammates working together can bring out the best in one another. Dancing together teaches us to push ourselves. If someone makes a mistake, our dance partners are there to help each other out. We motivate each other at every rehearsal so when it is time to perform we are at our absolute best. When an entire team does a step in unison, I think it is more amazing than someone doing it as a solo.

Another benefit of working as a team in dance is this skill will follow you for the rest of your life. Learning to work with other people at a young age, even when times are tough, can prepare you for many years to come.

Teamwork in our dance studio has given us friends we will stay in touch with for a long time and has taught us to trust others.


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