The DiscoRobo Dancing Robot (Tosy) is a toy robot that dances to your own music. All you have to do is turn it on by pushing its belly button, put on some music and start dancing with your DiscoRobo. This toy is incredibly fun and cool! It comes with up to 56 dance moves and up to eight great facial expressions that light up.

This toy is for ages 4 and older, and I like this robot because you can put on any music you like, and DiscoRobo will dance to it. One thing I don't like about DiscoRobo is that it stops and freezes when the song is still playing. This doesn't happen often, so that's good. DiscoRobo comes in different colors. There's red, which is named Andy; purple, which is named Alex; pink, which is named Ruby, and blue, which is named Lucas. You will need to buy eight AA batteries that are not included, but it does come with an instruction manual and a head topper that spins on DiscoRobo's head while it dances.

I recommend this toy for kids who are interested in dancing, robots or music. I think it's really nice.


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