Kidsday reporter Hailey Groth, of Westhampton Beach Elementary School, and...

Kidsday reporter Hailey Groth, of Westhampton Beach Elementary School, and her dog, Spirit. Credit: Groth famil

Dogs are good for us because they help you exercise, they become your friend, they make you laugh, and they give you love.

My pet is named Spirit, and she is a Havanese. I always come home to her jumping up and down, wanting me to go to the ground so she can kiss my face. After I finish my homework, I go on my lawn and kick soccer balls or throw tennis balls for her to chase after.

If I want to get exercise I can take Spirit on a walk, or I’ll run across my lawn and she will chase after me. When I need someone to talk to, I talk to her because she can’t tell anyone my secrets or issues, or why I’m mad or sad. At night I get cold so she comes next to me, and I hug her because she is really warm.

She can be really funny when she comes near a man. She stares them down and barks at them and since she is so small, it is hilarious to watch her try to be a protector or guard dog. If you ever watch dog movies, they show you how kind dogs are. Sometimes they are dangerous, but that’s only because they are protecting themselves or family.

Dogs are so cute, kind, and my dog, Spirit, is the world to me. Have you ever thought about how good dogs are for you?

Jennifer Kulesa-Kast’s fifth-grade class, Westhampton Beach Elementary School

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