The cast of "Every Family's Got One" include (front row,...

The cast of "Every Family's Got One" include (front row, from left) Tony Mennuto, Lisa Leshaw, Barbara Herel and Linda Kuriloff. In the back row ( from left) are Molly England, Adam Selbst, Tara Visconti and Lance Werth.  Credit: Neil Kramer Photography/Neil Kramer

Coming face-to-face with a tiger and growing up in a log cabin are two experiences the audience will hear about when storytellers dish on their families during the “Every Family’s Got One” live show on Oct. 16 at My Father’s Place in Roslyn.

“My story is about my relationship with my mother and an unfortunate run-in I had with a tiger she was taking care of,” says Adam Selbst, 45, a graphic designer from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who grew up in Rockville Centre. “I feel like a lot of mothers probably would have sided with their son. She said, ‘Well, Adam learned his lesson.’ It’s a story about a tiger, but it’s also a story of my relationship with my mother.”

Tara Visconti, 47, a lawyer from Huntington, will share an essay about her unusual upbringing. “I grew up very rustically. I grew up in a log cabin with no electricity or running water. That’s how my parents decided to raise me.”

This is the second year of the show for grown-ups, which includes eight essays by writers on the subject of family, says producer Barbara Herel of Huntington. “I’m the host of the evening, and I’ll have little tidbits to share,” Herel says.

The stories are comical as well as heartwarming, says performer Molly England, 37, a freelance writer from Huntington. “My story is about contacting my biological father after 33 years and not only finding him, but finding myself,” says England, 37. England’s mom had gotten pregnant in the Netherlands and returned to the United States to raise Molly alone; Molly had only met her dad once, when she was 6 weeks old.

The 7:30 p.m. performance, which costs $35 in advance and $40 at the door, is about 90 minutes with no intermission. My Father’s Place also requires a $25 minimum for food and drinks; its doors open at 5:30 p.m. “We’re encouraging people to come early and have dinner,” Herel says. My Father’s Place at the Roslyn Hotel is at 1221 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn. For more information or to buy tickets, call 516-625-2700 or visit