Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lance Allen, East Meadow

Looking your best is something almost every kid thinks about. I know I do, and I have some tips for when you are home and when you are out with friends:

Stay-at-home fashion

Comfortable: Sweatpants, a tank top and a no-zipper sweater.

Fashionable: Long gray pants and long-sleeve dress just above the knee. This is stay-at-home comfortable and pretty fashionable for fall.

Out-of-house fashion for fall

You should look fabulous when in public, so I’m here to help you find the perfect outfit to look fabulous and to feel warm. For your feet, you can wear boots with a small heel or sneakers to feel comfortable. Popular sneakers are Adidas. Pants should be long leggings with a matching long-sleeve shirt with a design. The shirt should not have words on it because over that shirt will be a sweater that has a zipper. As you can see, stay-at-home fashion is very different from the clothes you wear out of the house.

It is so important to be fashionable because you want to look good. Especially if you’re going out in public, you want to look your best. Hopefully these tips will help you look and feel your best at home and in public.


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