From left, Parker and Mackenzie Cairns and Kidsday reporter Logan...

From left, Parker and Mackenzie Cairns and Kidsday reporter Logan Cairns at Field Station Dinosaurs in Leonia, New Jersey. Credit: Cairns family

“Screech!” screamed a triceratops.

“This is awesome,” I said.

“I know. This is wonderful,” my brother Parker shouted. “Agh!” screamed my sister. She ran behind my dad.

We went to the next dinosaur. It was a stegosaurus. Its neck bent down to us.

“Wow, it’s like we traveled 70 million years back in time,” my mom pointed out. My family made a trip to New Jersey to check out the come-to-life exhibit Field Station: Dinosaurs.

“This is scary and cool,” my sister panted between petrified breaths.

We walked along the edge of a forest on a grassy path. We came to a dead end.

“Eccchhhaaaeeaahh!” a velociraptor came out of nowhere and scared us. There are stations at this place, so we went to the amphitheater where there were bleachers in an open area. There, a man sang songs about dinosaurs. He sang about how the dinosaurs became birds and flew away. He jumped and danced as he sang.

When he finished, a T-rex came out for feeding time. They let us pet it and then they fed it fish.

Next, we went over to the Quarry Tent. Here, they read a story. After that, I got a stamp on my passport. Then we went to the next station. They give you a big rock and tools. You have to smash the rock, searching for tiny little fossils. I got about seven of them. They stamped my passport before I left.

We went to the next station, seeing another dinosaur. It was a T-rex. It was really big with pointy sharp teeth and tiny arms. It looked awesome. The last station was making a paper dinosaur puppet. Mine didn’t look that cool when I was done, but at least I got the stamp.

With my passport of stamps complete, we saw “Dinosaurs Alive 3D.” It was about a triceratops herd being attacked by predators and protecting their young. It was like the dinosaurs were popping up in my face.

Finished and tired, my family went home. It was a mind-blowing experience for me, so I hope you go there. It opens again in May. It is located at 40 Fort Lee Rd., Leonia, New Jersey. Online: Or call 855-999-9010.