The JFK Genius Bar is a team of students at our school who fix problems with Chromebooks. Since we use Chromebooks every day, they sometimes need to be fixed. The Genius Bar crew members help repair them during lunch periods so students don't have to miss important classes.

To become a member of the JFK Genius Bar, you have to fill out a job application. Our school librarian gives everyone an interview. You have to dress professionally for the interview. We wore shirts and ties. About 30 students were chosen for the crew.

During our training, we learned how to fix common problems such as Internet connections and fixing settings problems. We also load new apps, fix screen covers if they pop off, check on charging problems, and other simple things.

Every crew member gets a JFK Genius Bar T-shirt and ID badge to wear when working.

Being on the JFK Genius Bar is fun and we learn a lot about computers and technology. It is good experience for when we want to get a job when we are older.