One day, one of our moms was headed out for lunch and came upon a $10 bill as she was waiting to cross the street. There was nobody near her so she picked it up. She said she used half for lunch and put the other half in the donation box next to the cashier. It was found money and she felt great, she said. Have you ever found money from the street?

For our curiosity, we have been going around Lakeville Elementary surveying all the fifth-grade kids about our survey question. We found out that most of the people had said yes. Only a small amount of people in each class had said no. We surveyed 160 kids. We went to each class with the question, "Have you ever found money on the street?" There were 140 kids who answered yes. We did not put in a range of dollar amounts that the students found. Now, come to think about it, some of them could possibly have just found pennies.

It doesn't matter how much one found. Most kids were happy to find some. Kids said they found it in subways or outside stores. Some kids said they found money but didn't want to pick it up because they thought it was dirty, or some kids were too lazy!

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