Almost every kid likes football. One of the best parts about playing is throwing the ball. Hasbro has come out with a few Nerf footballs that will make you think you are ready for the NFL.

I tested two of them: Nerf Turbo Jr. Football and the Nerf Vortex Aero Howler. They are both a lot of fun. The Howler will travel a long distance, and it makes a cool noise while flying through the air. It is smaller than a regular football, and it has a tail on it that helps it travel farther. It is so easy to throw and catch.

I also liked the Nerf Turbo Jr. Football. It is about the size of a regular football, but it is light and made of a foam material, so it is squishy and doesn't hurt you when you catch it. Because it is soft, it is really easy to grip. I think you will like playing with both of these footballs.

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