Try these fun, creative websites to spice up your school...

Try these fun, creative websites to spice up your school projects and reports. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Tired of the same old sites on your computer or Chromebook? Do your reports lack creativity? Do you want to impress your teacher this year? We have the answer to all these questions. We have used these websites, and we love them and think you will, too. Try them out! Some of them might need a school approval or account when you start. We also think you should get permission from your parents, too!

Prezi: Make presentations and so much more! Although it is mostly used for education, it can be a fun thing to do in your spare time! When you present, it looks so cool! If you want to step up your school projects, go to

Storyboard That: Make comic strips and graphics. You can add speech bubbles, thought bubbles and backgrounds. We love Storyboard That because it is so fun to use and you can be creative with your projects. Check out

Voki: Create avatars and use them for anything you can imagine. Customize it so it’s all your own! You can make the avatar speak and have your voice. Change it up and create something new! You can also change the background for your Voki. Voki isn’t just for playing though, it also can be used for education. It can be used for things like history and book reports. Find it at

Nearpod: Create slides about anything you want. You can draw, write, read and watch videos. We love Nearpod because it is so fun and you can use it for different activities. If you like learning and fun, try

Glogster: Express ideas by images, audio, videos and text on a digital canvas. There are also many templates like Experiments and Social Studies. We recommend this website because it’s fun and it’s now on mobile. Check it out at