William T. Rogers school principal Lauren Moreno and Kidsday reporter...

William T. Rogers school principal Lauren Moreno and Kidsday reporter Anna Warywoda. Credit: Nicole Malone

At our school, we have events like sidewalk drawing and spirit week. But Breakfast with the Principal is a fun and exciting experience. In this event, students are recognized not for their grades, but for their personal goals.

It is not that common to get chosen for Breakfast with the Principal, so when you do, it means your teachers noticed your working hard or being a good role model. Breakfast with the Principal has been around for 20 years. The school made this event to invite families to celebrate with you.

When you attend Breakfast with the Principal, you miss part of the school day and get to eat bagels, doughnuts, cookies, fruits and other food and drinks. You don’t have to wear anything fancy, although my mom made me wear a dress and fancy shoes, so I was wearing fancy clothes for the rest of the school day.

During the breakfast, the principal goes to the front of the room and announces why the students were chosen and talks about what their teachers shared them. When she’s done with announcing why everybody got in, you can take photos with her and receive a pin and certificate that proves that you indeed were at Breakfast with the Principal. When it is over, you go back to your class.

In our school you can win it only once during your time at the school. I am very proud to say that I was recognized as being a good role model to my classmates.