So many kids love cheering, and a great place to learn is Long Island Cheer! I think it has a great atmosphere where you can learn to do cartwheels, handstands, backflips and anything else you would like to try on the floor. They also teach you how to cheer and do all the choreography that goes into becoming a great cheerleader.

In March, a lot of us took a trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., to participate in a special program. They teach you at any skill level, from challenging to comfortable and easy -- whatever you can do.

L.I. Cheer is awesome. I go there every Monday, and I rate it 5 smiles because the coaches will not go easy on you; they will push so you can get up to a higher skill level. That is why you should try Long Island Cheer. But don't panic: They make you want to learn, and the pace can either be fast or slow. You learn the moves and techniques just right. I am so glad I go there. I know when I am in high school, I want to be on the cheer team, and this is getting me off to a good start.

L.I. Cheer is at 40 Trade Zone Ct., Ronkonkoma; 877-243-3701.