Are you holding back on approaching someone you'd love to be friends with because your clique isn't looking for another member of the group? Every girl wants a BFF or a group of besties, but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a group of real friends and a clique. It's even harder if you're not in a group and are trying to get into one, especially when some of the other groups are actually cliques.

If you're in a group or clique, try not to exclude others because you can be missing out on a true new best friend. You also could hurt someone's feelings. You don't want to be the mean girl, do you? Be careful who your clique is because if they exclude others, they can exclude you just as quickly.

If you're looking to meet friends but everyone is already in a group, you should find the right fit.

Don't just fit in. You should hang out with kids you like. Don't just hang out with someone because other kids think they're really cool. Be open and try not to reject someone for no reason. Be patient to find friends because there are good ones out there.

Most importantly, don't be too "clique-ish." Sometimes cliques reject people. Don't do that because maybe one day you might be the kid wandering around with no friends.


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