Credit: Kidsday illustration / Pranav Vijayababu

Today is Groundhog Day! 

Finally, the day is here when we find out if it is going to continue to be winter or maybe an early spring. Don’t you hate when you forget the superstition for Groundhog Day? Here’s a reminder: If the groundhog sees its shadow, there are six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow, then spring is near. No matter what season it is, there are still many fun things to do.

Whoa, it’s chilly . . .

  • Making a delicious cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows would really help.
  • Ever have leftover gumdrops? Why not make a gingerbread house? 
  • Or maybe you are a cinnamon fiend. Have a parent help and bake some cinnamon rolls.
  • Ever want to be an Eskimo? Make a sugar cube igloo.
  • Want to prove you’re the fastest sleighrider on the hill? Gather your friends and have a race.
  • Bored at home? Pop up some popcorn and watch a late night movie.
  • Do you like melted chocolate? What better way to get some than make s’mores around an adult-supervised bonfire? 
  • You could always try to make the excuse to mom or dad: “It’s winter, can I play video games?”

Well, what are you waiting for, go jump in!

Whoa, it’s beautiful outside (in a few weeks) . . .

  • You’re not the only one who likes the sun, bugs do too. Make a bug bottle to study them.
  • Like strawberries? Make a delicious smoothie.
  • Have a birthday soon? Make a spring-themed party with edible nests.
  • Ever play duck, duck, moose? How about bunny, bunny, rabbit? 
  • Have a sweet tooth? Grab a package of Peeps marshmallows.
  • Share some funny jokes with your friends. For instance: Does February March? No, but April May.
  • Do you see flowers coming up yet? Go outside and try to identify them.
  • Enjoy the outdoors? Put on some layers and go on a hike. Check out Kings Park, Cold Spring Harbor and Sunken Forest — now let’s explore. After all, spring is here!

Tara Dungate and Veronica Weeks' fifth-grade class, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge

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