Actress and singer Sofia Carson with Kidsday reporters: Marina Trgo,...

Actress and singer Sofia Carson with Kidsday reporters: Marina Trgo, Jackson Rosario, Anthony Rodriguez and Emily Sciarrone, all from Hauppauge. Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

We entered Barclays Center in Brooklyn through the VIP entrance for the final home game of the season: The Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls. We were excited because we had never been to the Barclays Center or NBA basketball game before. Our seats were great because we had a perfect view of the court. We got free popcorn and T-shirts because it was fan appreciation day. It was a nerve-wracking game because the score was really close and kept going back and forth. It was so much more than just a basketball game, it was entertainment. Actress and singer Sofia Carson sang the national anthem and was amazing. But, even more amazing was we were going to meet her after the game.

When the game ended, we headed for the Billboard Lounge for a private show with Sofia Carson. The seats were plush here, too! She came onto the stage with her guitarist and we sat just 10 feet from her. Her vocal range was impressive and she really interacted with the crowd, even getting us to join in and sing and clap. Some of the songs that she performed were, “Beautiful,” “Love Yourself,” and “Love is the Name.”

After her mini concert she talked to the audience about her hosting the Radio Disney Music Awards which will be airing April 30 at 7 p.m. on the Disney Channel. This is one of our favorite award shows and we can’t wait to see who will be showing up. After that we were ushered into a private room for our interview. She was very nice and shook everyone’s hand and asked us our names. She made us feel welcome and special. Here are some of the questions we asked her:

ANTHONY: Did you ever break anything on the set of a show?

SOFIA: Yes, I am actually clumsy. I had to operate a sewing machine in a scene from “Descendants” and I actually knocked it right off of the table. I did eventually learn how to sew because of what happened.

MARINA: Did you ever disagree with a producer?

SOFIA: Sometimes when producing music but the producer would sometimes try my suggestions when creating a song.

JACKSON: Do you like to sing at home?

SOFIA: Yes, sometimes my sister and I open the windows in our car and sing at the top of our lungs.

ANTHONY: Have you ever worked with Jordan Fisher, your co-host of the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards before?

SOFIA: I have not worked with him before but he is on the same record label as me.

MARINA: Do you have rehearsals and a script for the Radio Disney Music Awards?

SOFIA: They do have a script for us and a bunch of rehearsals.

JACKSON: What is she looking forward to?

SOFIA: I am very excited about my new album. I have an old song that was never released that will be on it. It is one of my favorites.

The hardest part of our evening was deciding how hard to hug Sofia when we took our picture at the end of the interview. Thanks to Sofia for being so sweet and gracious.