If you want to go on an awesome vacation, you should check out the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic. It has everything you could possibly want in a tropical vacation resort.

When you first check in, you see guitars and costumes that famous artists have used. They have merchandise from every artist from the Beach Boys to Madonna. Our two families went there together and we had the best time. When we checked in, we went straight to the pool, which had two water slides. And that isn't the only pool at the resort, there were many more. One pool is even on a roof.

They also have a theater where you can see shows throughout the week. For example, when our families went, there was a Michael Jackson show and a magic show playing. The main hotel was so big, it had an ice-cream shop with tons of different flavors. There were lots of restaurants with great food, and even a movie theater open to everyone. This is the place to be, especially with friends. Here, check it out for yourself: hardrockhotelpuntacana.com