"Jahl-hae ssaw,""Ganeun bangbeob" are some things I hear at my parents' nail salon when I do a good job. These Korean words mean "good job" and "way to go."

I was young when my parents opened their nail salon -- New Fine Nails and Skin Care in Babylon. On the first day they opened, my parents gave out free manicures, and their opening day was very successful. A lot of customers stopped by.

My parents had an easy time opening the nail salon because my dad used to work in New York City. He didn't like the location, so he wanted to find a new place.

When they opened on Long Island, they had a few struggles, like speaking English well. So, when I was 7 or 8, I started helping them out a lot.

I basically starting working during the busiest days of the week.

When I go there on weekends, I take appointments, answer phone calls, ring up the cash register, process credit cards and let people know where to go if one of my parents' workers is ready for another customer.

I know the exact cost and everything, so it is easy for me to ring people up. Some customers give me tips for my hard work at the salon.

Also, if the cash register runs out of change, I go to the bank and get change for my parents.

My parents told me they are thankful to have a son like me. My parents think of me as a son who is very helpful.