Hilary Duff helps assemble "Care Kits" for Johnson's Baby Cares...

Hilary Duff helps assemble "Care Kits" for Johnson's Baby Cares charity. Credit: Handout

Actress, singer and new mom, Hilary Duff helped Johnson's Baby assemble "Care Kits" for their new charity, JOHNSON'S Baby CARES. Partnering with Save the Children, the charity hopes to donate thousands of Johnson’s Baby kits — filled with essentials to help families care for their children, along with educational initiatives and financial assistance in times of disaster.

To assist families in need, Johnson & Johnson will be making a multiyear, multimillion dollar contribution to Save the Children that donate and distribute the "Care Kits,"  and fund programs, such as Child Friendly Spaces, which supplies moms and children with safe areas to recover and play. According to the news release, they are also offering vital training for health workers in developing countries through the "Helping Babies Breathe" platform that teaches basic techniques to prevent birth asphyxia, saving newborn lives.

"As a new mom, I am inspired by this worthy cause, which aims to give all moms a chance to not only experience the joy of a healthy baby, but also an opportunity to be together and have moments of normalcy during crisis situations," said Duff.

Looking to donate? Make a donation online by visiting Johnson's Baby Cares tab on their Facebook page.

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