From classic building toys to video games, superheroes and more, here's a round-up of the best toys for the little dudes on your list.

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Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

Credit: Nintendo

The video game system that can be played at home and taken on the go features two new Joy-Con controllers, which features built-in motion-sensing technology and HD Rumble. The controllers can be inserted into a Joy-Con grip accessory and used as a traditional controller, help in each hand for legt and right controls or shared between two players. It also features a 6.2-inch touch screen and more. For ages 5 and older; $299.99;

Lego Marvel Avengers: Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

Credit: Lego

Kids can build their own Avengers Quinjet with this Marvel 838-piece playset. Features on the jet include a cockpit for the minifigures, a passenger compartment, stud shooters and more. The set also comes with Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Rocket minifigures. For ages 8 and older; $79.99;

Treasure X Aliens

Credit: Moose Toys

In this gooey dissection kit, kids can open the alien's tummt to find and save a treasure hunter. The set comes with a tweezer tool for pulling out the treasure hunter and other hidden gems, a bag of reusable slime and more. For ages 5 and older; $14.99;

Untamed Snakes

Credit: WowWee

Coiled and ready to strike, these snakes react to sound and touch. Tap it's head and it will lunge forward, make hissing sounds and it's eyes will glow red and it's mouth will open. Stroke the snake's head and it's eyes will turn blue. Whistle and it will dance to the music. For ages 5 and older; $14.99 each;

Vex Robotics Build Blitz

Credit: Hexbug

With more than 800 pieces that snap together, kids can build seven different motorized robots, without having to use tools. For ages 8 and older; $149.99;

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Hatching Toothless

Credit: Spin Master

Hatch Toothless out of his packaged egg by shaking and tilting it. Once the dragon hatches, kids can feed him, put him to sleep, teach him to fly, watch him light up and more. For ages 5 and older; $59.99;

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series

Credit: Hasbro

This Target exclusive collection of 12-inch action figures comes in an eight-pack featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Hulk, Marvel's War Machine and Marvel's Nebula. Connect the Titan Hero Power FX Pack (sold separately) to the figures back ports to activate sounds and hear phrases. For ages 8 and older; $79.99;

Pokémon My Partner Pikachu

Credit: Wicked Cool Toys

This interactive Pikachu toy comes with more than 100 reactions and 20 sounds, including its famous line "Pika Pika." It's cheeks and tail light up and touch sensors can move its ears and arms. For ages 4 and older; $19.99;

Bowser’s Castle Playset

Credit: Jakks Pacific

Explore Bowser's castle with this Super Mario playset, which comes with an exclusive Bowser figure, a lift that moves up and down, fireballs that spin and a cage bottom that opens up. Kids can press the exclamation switch and Bowser will drop into the lava or press the top of the spire to hear authentic sounds and music from the game. For ages 3 and older; $39.99;

Really Rad Robots Turbo Bot

Credit: Moose Toys

Control this new fast moving robot using voice commands and watch it do tricks. Kids can tell Turbo to spin, dance or tell a joke. Use the remote to take it for a spin or use the Boost button and watch it take off. It also can record a message and has a playback feature. For ages 5 and older; $49.99;

Fortnite Jumbo Loot Llama Pinata

Credit: Jazwares

This 100-piece pinata includes Frozen Raven and Ice King action figures, weapons, harvesting tools, back bling, metal building materials, exclusive sprays walls, a buildable clock tower and more. For ages 8 and older; $79.99;

RockIt Twist Game

Credit: LeapFrog

This portable gaming system features 360 degrees of buttons, spinners, sliders and switches for a fun play experience. The preloaded games teach literacy, problem solving, science, math and more. Kids can also grow and take care of virtual pets. For ages 4 and older; $59.99;

Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Playset

Credit: Animal Planet

This Target exclusive 23-piece playset comes with a giant T-Rex with lights and sounds, a tree house with vines, a ladder and a gate, a Bi-plane airplane, two smaller dinos, pterodactyl, fossil bones, two action figures and rescue equipment accessories. For ages 5 and older; $39.99;


Credit: MGA Entertainment

With this five-step collectible stones game, kids roll, toss and scope stones until someone wins. The goal for each step is to toss one stone in the air and then scoop up a set number of stones before the stone falls back down. There are more than 150 stones to collect. For ages 8 and older; $9.99;

Hulkbuster Deluxe Action Figure Set

Credit: Disney Store

Inspired by Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," this set features Hulk and Hulkbuster with lights and sound effects. The Hulkbuster also has a detachable helmet, which reveals Tony Stark's head. For ages 3 and older; $39.95;

Fluffy Cloudz

Credit: WeCool Toys

This new colorful slime is stretchy and comes in fruit-flavored scents, like Berry Blast, Cococraze, Grape Squeeze, Melon Mania, Peach Paradise and Piney Party. Each jar comes with a surprise charm. For ages 4 and older; $9.99;

Beyblade Burst Turbo Championship Clash Battle Set

Credit: Habro

Kids can go head-to-head in a tournament-style battle with the Slingshock Championship Clash Beystadium, two spin launchers, six battling tops and a bracket book to keep track of the scores. Download the Beyblade Burst app, scan the code on the Clash box to access Battle League and challenge friends to a digital battle. For ages 8 and older; $79.99;

Untamed Legends: Dragon

Credit: WowWee

This dragon reacts to touch with motion-sensing technology. Kids can move him in different ways to get a variety of reactions, hear his wings flap and other sound effects, and watch his chest flash red and blue when he's in guard mode. Clap and the dragon will growl and screech. For ages 5 and older; $39.99;

Pokemon Flame Action Charmander

Credit: Wicked Cool Toys

This 10-inch plush Pokemon character talks and features a tail and mouth that light up, sound effects and more. For ages 4 and older; $29.99;

National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab

Credit: National Geographic

Kids can play and learn about slime and putty with this National Geographic playset. The set includes magnetic putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, color-changing putty, bouncing putty, fluffy slime and liquid slime. For ages 8 and older; $29.95;

Mega Construx Pokémon Every Eevee Evolution

Credit: Mattel

With the Pokémon set, kids can build several characters and set them to battle against each other with colorful attacks. For ages 8 and older; $59.99;

Thinking Putty Puzzle

Credit: ThinkFun

Crazy Aaron's popular Thinking Putty is already a fun toy, but this puzzle lets children use it to think even harder, with 60 logic challenges that run from beginner-to-expert level. The set comes with six different Thinking Putty colors, including a ThinkFun exclusive. For ages 8 and older; $29.99;

Discovery Prehistoric SlimyGloop Dig

Credit: Horizon Group

Once kids peel and smash their way through the SlimyGloop, they'll uncover buildable dinosaur skeletons. Use the digging tool or hands to squish, dig and reveal. The set includes enough bones to build two dinosaurs. For ages 6 and older; $16.99;

Electro Guitar Kit

Credit: Tech Will Save Us

Build a cardboard guitar and then make it electric, add special effects and produce tracks with this music kit. Use the included pieces to build the electric guitar, which features three rubber band strings. The amplifier sits in a cardboard body kids can fold themselves. For ages 8 and older; $34.99;

My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog

Credit: Thames & Kosmos

With this 172-piece set, kids can build a robotic hedgehog, which comes with a built-in sound sensor and reacts to different sounds. It can tumble, roll, spin, bristle its spines and surry around. Different patterns of claps determine what the hedgehog will do, for example, roll into a ball and tumble backwards. Its eyes also light up with LEDs. For ages 7 and older; $39.95;

Amazing Rescue Set

Credit: Magformers

Kids can click and create their own fire station and fire truck with this 50-piece set. It comes with 24 magnetic pieces, two characters, emergency vehicle accessories and more. For ages 3 and older; $59.99;

Artie 3000

Credit: Educational Insights

Using a Mac, PC or tablet, kids can tell this coding robot what to draw. They'll learn basic programming, geometry, math and more. The WiFi-enabled robot comes with four washable colored markers and different modes of play, such as games, art for coloring, freeform coding and more. For ages 7 and older; $69.99;

Lego Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

Credit: Lego

Kids can build, code and play with R2-D2, a Gonk droid and a Mouse droid. Command them to solve more than 40 challenging missions using the Lego Star Wars Boost app. Kids can attach rocket boosters, a cake shooter, a catapult and more. For ages 8 and older; $199.99;  

Ryan's World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest


This Ryan's World Target exclusive is a pirate themed chest with eight secret compartments containing mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty and skeleton keys to unlock the surprises. Kids can find the right key to unlock the top of the chest, which features pirate gear. An ultimate mystery vehicle is also included. For ages 3 and older; $79.99;

FGTeeV Giant Mystery Teev

Credit: Bonkers Toys

This giant retro television case comes with collectible mystery figures based on FGTeeV's YouTube channel, an animated Gurkey Turkey plush, a surprise squishy, vinyl stickers and more. For ages 6 and older; $39.99-$49.99;

Lego Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School

Credit: Lego

This set combines regular Lego play with an augmented reality app. The set comes with more than 1,400 pieces, including eight minifigures. Use the app to find and capture ghosts floating around the model. For ages 9 and older; $129.99;

Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Trackset

Credit: Mattel

This Hot Wheels track layout is more than five feet wide with a double figure-eight design and high speed boosters to allow multiple cars to race, smash and crash. Kids can control the levers to send cars through crash zones on the ground or into the air. The set folds up for easy storage. For ages 5 and older; $99.99;

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit

Credit: Osmo

Transform an iPad into a fun interactive learning tool. The starter kit includes an iPad base, silicone play mat, 19 cardboard costume pieces, 38 silicone sticks and rings, a storage container and four game apps (ABCs, Costume Party, Stories and Squiggle Magic.) The game encourages creativity with letters, drawing and problem solving. For ages 3 and older; $79;

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile

Credit: Mattel

Using the remote control, kids can send the Batmobile forward, backward or spin it around. Turn the Power Pad to watch the vehicle transform into battle mode. It features lights, sounds and projectiles. A mini Batman figure is also included. For ages 3 and older; $79.99;

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Credit: Wow! Stuff

Kids can use the included Wow! Stuff app to recreate scenes from the Harry Potter movies with this Walmart exclusive toy. Simply cover friends, family or objects with the cloak, take a photo or video through the app to see the different creations. It comes with an with exclusive gift box package. For ages 6 and older; $59.99;

Monster Jam Official Mega Grave Digger Monster Truck

Credit: Spin Master

Grave Digger, an all-terrain remote control Monster Jam RC truck, is more than two feet long and features oversized tires and a lightweight design that helps it easily roll over obstacles. It also comes with authentic graphics, working lights and a dual joystick controller that can control the truck from up to 250 feet away. For ages 4 and older; $99.99;  

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

Credit: Nintendo

The video game system that can be played at home and taken on the go features two new Joy-Con controllers, which features built-in motion-sensing technology and HD Rumble. The controllers can be inserted into a Joy-Con grip accessory and used as a traditional controller, held in each hand for left and right controls or shared between two players. It also features a 6.2-inch touch screen and more. $299.99;

Home Alone Board Game

Credit: Big G Creative

Inspired by the popular Christmas movie "Home Alone," kids can now pretend to be Kevin and help fight off the Christmas burgulars or team up as the Wet Bandits to try to steal the holiday goods. For ages 8 and older; 19.95;

Nascar Adventure Force ‘Crash Racers’ track

Credit: Far Out Toys

This Walmart exclusive figure eight track allows kids to race, wreck and then rebuild cars on an officially branded NASCAR track. The cars may fly apart, but everything snaps back together. Vehicles can be flash-charged to go as many as 50 laps without refueling. For ages 5 and older; $29.99;


Credit: WowWee

Grimlings may be cute, but they also have a dark side that shows when their heads spin around, their eyes turn red and their teeth stick out. The characters will still respond to your voice and touch. For ages 5 and older; $14.99;

Nerf Elite Fortnite AR-L

Credit: Hasbro

Inspired by the popular video game Fortnite, this motorized blaster features a 10-dart clip and 20 Official Nerf Elite Fortnite foam darts. Simply flip up the two sights on the top of the blaster to align the shot. For ages 8 and older; $49.99;


Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Kids can turn tiny pixel jigsaw puzzle pieces into unique designs with this creative set. Using the 700 or the 1,500-piece sets, kids can build a cat and a dog, a mermaid and a unicorn, sea creatures and more. The Jixels easily fit and stay together. For ages 6 and older; $9.95-$16.95;

Vega 2-n-1 Transforming Electric Scooter

Credit: Viro Rides

This Target exclusive electric scooter easily transforms into a mini bike. It features a hight-adjustable handlebar, thumb control throttle and speeds up to 10 miles per hour. For ages 8 and older; $299.99;