We went to the Regal Theater in Times Square to see a screening of the new Disney movie "Frozen." The computer-animated movie was both exciting and touching. The special effects were fantastic! We also loved all of the new songs in the movie.

We think this movie is sure to be a classic. The story begins with a princess named Elsa (Idina Menzel) and her younger sister, Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa has a special cursed power that allows her to freeze things. The problem is sometimes she can't control it -- and eventually she freezes the entire kingdom. Anna is unaware of her powers and just wants the two of them to be best friends, like they were when they were younger. Elsa continuously shuts Anna out and eventually leaves the kingdom. Anna begins to search for Elsa and meets our favorite character, Olaf (Josh Gad). Olaf is a cute, goofy snowman. The weird part is, he's a snowman but he wants it to be summer. Olaf is hysterical and helps make the move completely entertaining.

Will Elsa be able to finally control her magic? Or will the two sisters be separated forever? To find out what happens, you must check out "Frozen," which opens today!

RATING: 5 of 5

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