Evan Whittle of Huntington Station wears cloth diapers rather than...

Evan Whittle of Huntington Station wears cloth diapers rather than the disposable kind. Credit: Patrick Whittle

So you’ve made the decision to ditch those disposables and use cloth diapers -- good for you! My wife and I diaper our son exclusively with reusable cloth diapers, and it has been a rewarding and relatively low-maintenance decision. But here’s the thing about cloth dipes: your kid can only wear the diapers if his parents can get them on his behind.

Cloth diapering is especially easy when your child is very little, but around six or nine months, your once-stationary tot becomes a certified wiggler. This makes cloth diapers -- some of which have confusing snaps and other adjustable parts -- more of a challenge. Attempting to get a clean diaper on a baby who just wants to crawl away naked can be a little bit frustrating.

Therein lies the glory of Rumparooz.

Rumparooz, manufactured by Colorado-based company Kanga Care, are among a battery of cloth diaper brands on the market (Happy Heinys, BumGenius and Bummis are some others). After nine months of diapering our son, Evan, in cloth, I can say with authority that Rumparooz are far and away the easiest to use -- even with a squirmy, high energy baby like Ev.

The advantage of Rumparooz is that they are form-fitting. While other diapers need to be held in place during changes, Rumparooz cling to the contours of the baby’s body, which makes them very easy to apply. The Rumparooz we use also use velcro instead of snaps or buttons, which adds another layer of ease. (A fumbling parent’s attempts to snap a diaper on a wiggling, whining baby is about as much fun for the kid as it is for the parent.) Even when Evan is in a mood to dance around or crawl away, his Rumparooz can be applied to his bottom in a matter of seconds.

It’s a good idea for cloth diaper parents to buy a wide selection of brands, if only to see which ones baby seems to find the most comfortable. My wife and I still use a handful of other brands, but Rumparooz are our go-to diapers.

More information about the product is available at rumparooz.com.