"Wow, that doll looks real" is what people say to me when I take one of my Reborn baby dolls to the store or the park.

My dolls are made to look real. Their feet, toes, face, hair, legs, arms, hands and stomach are very realistic. I have two dolls. One is a baby, one is a toddler. They get dressed in real baby clothes. The dolls are weighted like real babies.

It's fun to have Reborns because you can shop for clothes for them at real stores, and you don't have to pay very expensive prices online for their clothes. There's no store to buy Reborns. You have to buy them online (reborn-baby.com) or from the artist. There's a bunch of nurseries for Reborns, but no one can go there to get them.

They get shipped to you. I love my Reborns because they're fun to dress. I love holding them like real babies. You can also get them real diapers. They're fun to play with because they seem like real babies.

My Reborns are so cute and adorable. They both have blue eyes, and I still can't get over how real they look. If you like dolls, I totally recommend them for you.


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