My scooter is so good. I have the Madd Gear VX2 Pro Scooter. I used to ride a Razor scooter, but I like this one better. I went to the Extreme Skate Park skate camp in Mount Sinai (, and I am glad I went because I was able to learn a lot and work with other kids with the same interests as me. Toward the end of camp, a friend got this scooter and I liked it a lot. I borrowed it and liked its style. It was the Madd Gear. A month after the camp, I saved up my money and bought a Madd Gear scooter.

The handlebars are adjustable, and that helped me do tricks like 180s and air outs. The grips are comfortable and fit the bars well. I found out at camp that you need to keep the bearings clean if you want a smooth ride, so now I lube them regularly. Now when I ride, I go flying.

I recommend keeping scooter tools such as Allen keys handy to tighten up all the parts. One more thing: Store your scooter indoors and keep it in good condition.

Right now, you probably are thinking this is no little-kid scooter. You are wrong! My 6-year-old sister, who has no experience riding a pro scooter, rides this thing very well.

I highly recommend this scooter.


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