ID Tech is a camp I went to at Adelphi University in Garden City. This is the best camp I have ever gone to. This camp consists mostly of making a video game (or making Minecraft worlds and mods, but I didn't do that, so I can't talk about it) and box art for that game. They also have lunch, outside time and free time. At free time you can just do stuff on websites. I personally usually either played Minecraft or went on

The camp only lasted a week, but then you show your project off to your parent on the final day, and get your certificate. I would recommend this camp to gamers and kids who like to use tech. I will be going back to ID Tech this summer for two weeks, trying out their other campuses, too. One week, I'll be making a Minecraft world/mod, and the other I'll be making a role-playing game. The camps run through July and it is also available at New York Institute of Technology in Central Islip. You better hurry! Go online to and see if you can join in the fun.