Every day lots of kids in Saltaire on Fire Island get to do some pretty fun things. They can ride their bikes to get ice cream, meet their friends or go to the beach at any time. There's no need for their parents to drive them to activities. It's a very safe environment because there are no cars in Saltaire.

Everyone appreciates the calm and carefree environment. Whether it's playing soccer on the field or running in the park, kids feel comfortable. On Tuesday nights, there is always a movie at the Yacht Club.

Since parents don't have to drive kids anywhere, kids can make their own schedule. When kids have the freedom to do what they want to, they have lots of fun. With freedom, there is responsibility. Sometimes, I get sent to the market to pick up groceries for my family. I also need to keep track of time, because if I need to go to a soccer game or a swim meet, I need to be on time. Having freedom adds new responsibility, which comes with great rewards.


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