Kidsday reporters Thomas Jack, left, and Tyler DeMilt with Will...

Kidsday reporters Thomas Jack, left, and Tyler DeMilt with Will Kerning, son of the owners of International Delight Cafe in Rockville Centre. Credit: DeMilt family

We had the amazing opportunity to meet Will Kerning, the son of the owners of International Delight Cafe. International Delight Cafe is an old-fashioned cafe at 241 Sunrise Hwy., Rockville Centre. Here are some of the interesting facts we learned from Will during our interview.

International Delight Cafe, originally called Jan’s, opened in 1950. The name came from the idea of Italian gelato being imported to America, an international theme. It’s open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Saturday nights are the busiest.

Ice cream is big in the cafe. There are more than 80 flavors and about 20 toppings. All of the ice cream is made in the store. According to Will, the most popular flavors are Exotic Cookie, Chocolate Elephant and Stracciatella. Exotic Cookie is made of chocolate chip cookies with Oreos. Chocolate Elephant is peanut butter with brownie bites. Stracciatella is made of vanilla with Italian chocolate shavings. We asked Will what his favorite flavor was, and he said it was Chocolate Elephant.

At the end of our interview, Will told us about his vision and goal for the cafe. He told us that one day he would have lines out the door, just as the owner before him did. His success is a great example for kids who plan to start a restaurant because it shows them how hard they should work to achieve their goals.

We also asked Will whom he would invite if he could invite any person in the world to his cafe. He said Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Co., and added that he was a great visionary and had great ideas.

We got to try many different ice creams and even had a scoop of one. After that we got International Delight T-shirts. We had such an amazing day. Come by and find out for yourself.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre