Kidsday reporter Ian Loring on a family vacation in Israel.

Kidsday reporter Ian Loring on a family vacation in Israel. Credit: Anthony Loring

Last summer I went to Israel, and I had a lot of fun. I went with my mom, dad and sister, Esther.

There are amazing sights in Israel and tasty food. In Jerusalem, if you go to the city wall and walk on top, you might see cool stuff. This cool stuff might include seeing different quarters of Jerusalem and smelling the different spices and seeing the different sights.

I liked visiting the Western Wall, all the holy places and the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is really cool. It is extremely salty, which makes you buoyant. I love how easy it is to float, but be careful not to get water of the Dead Sea in your eye — it is said to sting. Whatever you do, don’t swallow the water from the Dead Sea. I know from experience. It was awful. I did it three times, and that was traumatizing. One of the best things at the Dead Sea was the mud bath. It is rough yet soothing, and you look like a monster.

In Haifa one of the most attractive sights is the Bahai Gardens. It is decorated with flowers, shrubs and trees. Most of the gardens are inaccessible except for a guided tour. Tours are offered all day in different languages. It is good for just stopping, sitting and reading peacefully. There are many other cool places. I’d recommend going to Israel!

Beth Darrell’s fourth-grade class, Pulaski Road Elementary School, East Northport


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