Kidsday reporter John Buffolino of Westbury with his Jets collection

Kidsday reporter John Buffolino of Westbury with his Jets collection Credit: Buffolino family

The Jets are a hard-working, good football team. They didn’t have the best season, but they are improving. And if you are a Jets fan, that is the way you have to be: optimistic. They have been going through a few rough seasons, but it will get better!

I hope to become a football player when I get older. I practice all the time with my dad, and he helps me with some plays as he passes the ball to me. When I don’t have anyone to practice with, I throw my football on the roof and try to catch it as it comes down.

My family thinks professional football is dangerous as it can cause damage to my head and brain, but I know that if I can make it to a professional team as a quarterback, I will protect my head. There’s nothing like being on a football field. I was lucky enough to attend a Jets game with my family, and the energy was like nothing I ever felt before. I was surrounded by so many fans, and we were all cheering for the same team, the Jets.

If you are a Jets fan, it’s best to wear all your Jets gear during their games. I find that it’s a good-luck charm for the team, even if you are watching from home. I own three Jets jerseys and have two plaques that show the team members. Whenever the Jets score a touchdown, you can be sure that my house is full of cheers and me jumping for joy.

The ultimate goal would be to see the Jets make it to the Super Bowl and win.

Lori Shyman’s sixth-grade class, Clarke Middle School, Westbury

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