Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

Key Club is the largest service-learning club at Carle Place High School and is student-driven. Our annual school fashion show, which has been held each year since 2009, is something that so many in our school district look forward to. Students and staff walk the catwalk every year for a different charity. Local stores donate prizes that are raffled off.  

Each year, our Key Club chooses an organization to raise money for that impacts the local community. Last school year, we raised funds for the Amputee Coalition. The idea to pick this charity grew out of Carle Place High School senior Gracie Giordano’s involvement with the nonprofit.  Gracie’s brother, Caleb, graduated from Carle Place in 2016 and has a rare disorder that caused him to have his leg amputated as a child. The Amputee Coalition has helped Caleb through support groups and even provided him with a prosthetic limb.  

According to the organization's website,, approximately 2.1 million Americans have experienced amputations or have been born with some type of limb difference.

Cherie Gisondi's ninth-grade English class, Carle Place High School