Kidsday reporter Addison Corwith with her catch of the day.

Kidsday reporter Addison Corwith with her catch of the day. Credit: Corwith family

Yum! Soft, salty fish fresh out of the sea. Colorful, shiny lures. Long fishing poles, and short fishing poles. So much gear. A dry suit. A wet suit. A tackle box. A big Home Depot bucket filled with worms. A trunk full of fishing gear. Careful, though, you don’t want to hook yourself.

There are tons of different types of lures to use, and places to get lures. Some are really expensive and some are not. You can go to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops, East End Bait & Tackle and even Walmart.

There are many different types of fish on Long Island. You can fish for sea robins, which bark like a dog. Fluke have polka dots. And salmon are a pretty pink.

In Southampton, a lot of people go fishing at Cold Spring Pond or Shinnecock East County Park. There are lots of other small beaches to fish at in Southampton. At Shinnecock, there is a rock jetty that people stand on to fish. It’s a good place to fish because it’s where the bay and ocean meet. At Cold Spring, you can catch sea robins, bluefish and others.

I like to go fishing a lot out here. It is fun, it is peaceful, it is exciting and a great way to spend the day. Be careful what you hook! Once I even caught a baby shark. I put that fella right back in the ocean.

Jillian Cagno and Deirdre Greenwald’s fifth-grade class, Tuckahoe School, Southampton


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