Recently, I, along with my classmate Gillian Sokol, had the opportunity to meet with Shelly Bookwalter and Kyle Peterson to talk about their devotion to rescuing dogs and their new television series on Animal Planet "Last Chance Highway" (Saturdays, check local listings).

While talking with Shelly, I learned that she has been saving dogs from being euthanized for 17 years. She rescues them, gets them full medical treatment, and then she tries to find them a home. Once she finds them a home, her partner, Kyle, transports them to their new family. At times, Kyle transports as many as 100 to 150 dogs at one time.

I really enjoyed sitting down and talking with Shelly and Kyle. I admire the dedication they have to what they do. I was shocked to find out that Shelly has 24 dogs and Kyle has 14. I found it very interesting that all expenses are paid for by Shelly. I was pleased to hear that Shelly and Kyle interview the people that would like to adopt, to make sure the dogs are going to a good home. It’s also nice to know that they keep in touch with some of the adoptive families. While talking with them, I asked “What would be the best tip you could give to be a responsible pet owner? Immediately, they both answered with two words “spay and neuter your dog. Their response was so quick that I knew how strongly they felt about it because they see just how many homeless dogs are really out there. The goal of their new television series "Last Chance Highway" on Animal Planet is to raise awareness to how many homeless dogs exist and who are in need of a loving home. The first episode of the eight-part series premieres on June 19, and I am really looking forward to it. I am really glad I got the chance to talk with Shelly and Kyle.
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