The MOTO Remote Touch Controlled Monster truck (Griffin Technology) is a remote-control vehicle that you control from your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

It is a fun and interesting toy because there are many different ways to control it. One way is by tilting the device. Another is to control the speed and turn with the steering wheel. You can make your own track by drawing it on-screen.

The battery is not that strong, and the truck loses power, so you have to recharge it. The truck works best on smooth surfaces. If you try it outside, it will not run as well.

Overall, the truck is a cool toy for kids about age 10.

I have been collecting Hess trucks since I was 2. I have nine in all, and I think they are great.

They make new ones every year, and my opinion is that the makers are very creative with the trucks.

They have all kinds of mini versions, and they have blinking and solid lights.

Every year they look different, and every year they get better and better.

I think that kids should collect them, because they have their own unique features.

Some of them I have taken out of the box, but I try to keep them in perfect condition.

--Kidsday Reporter Jonathan Lally

Now that's funny

What do you get when you see a bird eating a sweet tart?

A tweet tart.

--Rachel Stein

What do mountains breathe through?


--Elizabeth Niemiec

Why did I sell my car?

For gas money.

--Donal Morrissey

What did the teddy bear say when I offered him dinner?

"No thanks, I'm stuffed."

--Cameron McGinn

What do you call a penguin in the desert?


--Eliana Hudson

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