John Mullee, my uncle, was ordained on May 19, 2012. My uncle was so happy to become a priest. A priest is a person in the Catholic community who says Mass and performs sacraments.

My Uncle John is the priest of four small country parishes in the suburbs of Cleveland. His ceremony took place at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in downtown Cleveland, an amazing and beautiful church. It was incredible. Priests from the whole diocese come to support the new priest being ordained. There were more than 200 priests in attendance, and Bishop Richard Lennon ordained the three new ones.

My uncle was in the Air Force, then worked for different businesses. He decided at the age of 47 to go back to school and become a priest. I have never seen him happier. He loves helping others and has a true gift. Now, my uncle can do baptisms, weddings, Communions, and anointing of the sick. It will be so cool when I get married having my Uncle John perform the ceremony.

I am so proud of my uncle and what he has accomplished.

Fan of the BayWay Arts Center

The BayWay Arts Center has lots of fun plays. I saw four of the plays that are for children. My favorite of the four was "The Wizard of Oz." My favorite character was Dorothy. Dorothy was so nice, and she was very pretty. I loved Dorothy's shoes that just sparkled everywhere she went on the stage. I thought the play was funny when the monkey named Nikko came out with a box of yummy Thin Mint Cookies. It was really funny. I really like how at the end of each play, you could go outside and get each character's autograph on the program you get at the beginning of the show. I always have a splendid time at BayWay Arts Center. I also really love all of the acting skills.

If you want to visit the BayWay Arts Center, the address is 265 E. Main St., East Islip. You can call them at 631-581-2700. They have some great plays that you would love.

--Kidsday Reporter Chloe Reinhold

Now that's funny

Ken: Barbie, I love you.

Barbie: . . .

Ken: Don't you love me?

Barbie: Have you seen the new One Direction dolls?

-- Stephanie Woodburn

What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?

Pumpkin pi

-- Emily Waldvogel

What is a knight's favorite fish?

A sword fish

-- Annadel Reinhold

What did A and B look for at the beach?

A C gull.

-- Annadel Reinhold

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